two10 Asset Management offers discretionary investment management services for individual clients, trusts, corporates and charities. We utilise industry leading research to create and manage bespoke portfolios tailored to our clients’ needs.

The name two10 comes from our investment strategy. We choose investments that our research is both positive on a ten year view and offers a good entry point based on a two year and below view.

How we differ from other Discretionary Investment Managers…

Two10 Asset Management is a branch and trading name of Raymond James Investments Services (Raymond James). Raymond James is the UK investment management arm of Raymond James Financial Inc., which controls assets of approximately $475 billion for more than 2.5 million clients worldwide. Raymond James commenced operation in the UK in 2001.

A Local and Personalised Service

Wayne and Paul are the founding partners of two 10 Asset Management. We believe that a strong working relationship is key to providing an excellent service. All of our clients enjoy direct access to their Investment Manager along with regular reporting to ensure they remain fully informed about their portfolio and investment decisions.

Truly Bespoke Discretionary Management

We take the time to understand our clients’ circumstances, attitude to risk, investment objectives and any ethical preferences before we make investment decisions. Once we have this information, we build a portfolio that is tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

An Entirely Comprehensive Solution

We utilise a number of tax-efficient wrappers and invest across a range of asset classes to provide the most cost-effective and robust comprehensive solution. While some Discretionary Investment Managers rely heavily on managed funds, two10 predominantly uses direct shares and bonds to avoid fund management charges, enabling us to keep Total Expense Ratio to a minimum and transparency and control to a maximum. This is detailed in full in Our Investment Proposition.